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An expert at juggling priorities

Working for the world's most recognizable brands awarded me a lifetime of invaluable skills


Imagine the scene in the classic Disney film Aladdin, where the late, great Robin Williams explains what it's like to be a genie: "Poof. What do you need? Poof. What do you need? Poof. What do YOU need?" That sums up both my professional and personal life. I aim to serve others, in whatever capacity is needed (provided legal and ethical) and I do it from the heart. On the inevitable days life gets tough, I focus on gratitude. Thoughts are a choice and I take this privilege seriously. I am fiercely driven to perform to the highest standards. I believe success is interconnected and no one gets there alone.

In the 80s, I worked on a raspberry farm to buy school clothes. I was paid one dollar per flat. Fast forward to 2012 when I accomplished an American dream. I was the managing partner and co-owner of an I.T. Firm in Napa Valley. We were small. Our local clients were not. I was finally a business owner. I loved it. 

The world-wide pandemic had other plans. Forced to close our company just before our ten year mark, I took stock of what I had learned and took time to catch my breath. Never one to sit around for long, I took up Photography and searched for both businesses and families who needed extra support in some way. From creating a non-profit animal welfare site to providing private communications coaching to an Executive Assistant with Dyslexia, I keep my projects confidential and my services meaningful.

I have worn many hats while spinning a dozen plates. I do my best to appear as the gliding duck despite peddling like mad beneath the surface. On event days, I imagined how much I would earn if each time someone said Gina, I was paid a thousand dollars. It became fun and instead of responding with an exasperated WHAT?! I would reply with a gleam in my eye, YES!


As another human moving through this life, I have dreams of my own to accomplish as I support those of others. I aim to start a non-profit online art gallery for those on the Autism Spectrum. I plan to design Port Covers for kids with cancer. I write children's fiction to help parents fall in love with reading to their children again. In this life, like everyone living it, I am unsure just how much time I will get. I will make the most of it and aim to leave a lasting legacy of tales that make you fall in love with your life. It is lofty, but that's what dreams are.


Along the way, I am in production mode. From working as a virtual personal assistant to managing my chaotic, exquisite family, I continue to be of service while I plot a course towards attaining my dreams while supporting others to do the same.

It is an honor to list these companies as my former employers.

It still amazes me to have been on staff with each one.


I am equally grateful for the local companies I've worked for. 

From a respected Napa agency to a famous Travel merchant in Honolulu, I've gathered a lifetime's worth of unique skills in each role.


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Organized and Efficient

Deeply experienced and highly proficient in MS Office with creative ability to design and edit graphic presentations and materials, I am continually awed by Gina's work. She has excellent calendar management skills, coordinating complex executive meetings and brings operational flexibility to meet sudden and unpredictable business needs with a willingness to work outside standard hours. Self-directed and proactive, bright and endearing, she takes action from direction to execution, Gina is truly an original! 

Rosie W.

Todd Morris Fire Protection

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