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Hi, I'm Gina.

How can I help you make your life easier?

Employed by some of the most recognizable brands in the world including American Cancer Society, AT&T, Delta Air Lines, Hilton, and Robbins Research International, I have gathered invaluable skills to last a lifetime. Creative, driven, and joyful, you will find me smiling about something while I am organizing the next.


From San Francisco to Honolulu, Salt Lake City to New Orleans, Napa to Charlotte, with current digs in Vegas, I've lived in some of the most infamous and fascinating cities in North America. Through the rise of the dot com era, beyond the financial crisis of 2008 into the changing work landscapes following Covid-19, I continue to identify purpose in providing outstanding support services. Here are the best of  the incredible positions I've held while building my career and experiencing the twisting tales of life.

  • Retail Sales Manager

  • IATAN Travel Agent

  • Sales and Catering  Event Manager

  • Direct to Consumer Marketing Executive

  • Relay For Life Event Manager

  • Presidential Executive Assistant

  • I.T. Firm Co-Owner and Operating Partner

  • Personal Results Specialist with Tony Robbins

I offer a mixture of innovation and tradition with ways to bring order to chaos and beauty to the basics. I may be only one human, but I bring an integrity, engagement and passion you won't soon forget.

From writing an email blast to creating a Power Point deck with life, booking a last-minute flight to producing an annual event, writing a catchy slogan to providing world-class customer service, everything I do is done with a ton of heart, and a tiny bit of magic. I am an invaluable resource for professional results services that could quite possibly change your life forever. Why only possibly? Because only YOU can do the real work, I can simply get you there.

Source you support. Trust your Assistant. I'm here for you.

World-renowned past employers of Gina Honsvick


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country


Organized and Efficient

Gina maintains high standards, effectively communicates across all levels and is talented and trustworthy.

Amarita K.

San Francisco APD

Flexible and Committed

Creative and organized, she always manages to create excitement and fun. Gina is well suited for whatever she decides to do and will be an asset to you!

Yvonne B.

City of American Canyon

Creative & Resourceful

Gina is an organized, efficient and extremely competent person. She has excellent personal relations with people of all ages and walks of life.

Jake R.

Next Home Realty

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