Giving a voice to those challenged by communication

Featured below are photographs taken by people on the Autism spectrum.

There is beauty in simplicity.

Cafe Window
On the Desk
Vintage Bookstore
Several Open Books
Books On Shelf


As a writer by choice, I am in hot pursuit of my dreams - publication of something memorable, maybe even a story that changes lives. It is lofty, but that’s what dreams are.  

I write to turn dreams into reality. Come along as I enter the world of publishing and take Twisting Tales from ideas to print.


As we race around time with seconds to spare, communication has become quick, lean and with less richness than when we are face to face. Call me old-fashioned, or even a digital immigrant, I love to read and that passion led me to write. I create Twisting Tales to take readers on a journey behind the scenes of familiar stories to places they have yet to imagine.  Thank you for choosing to be here. Now, please take a deep breath. We often forget to do this simple act. Here are free snippets of stories in hopes you will be left wanting more. May something sweep you off your feet, or at least give you a break from sweeping the floor. Welcome to the world of twisting tales. Make yourself at home.

Books On Shelf